Voter's Perspective: A Testimonial

Evan Macbeth has earned my respect.  As a concerned parent and citizen, he didn’t require the title or position of a public official to contribute time and effort to the recent Central Loudoun school zoning debate. As many others became bogged down in divisive language, he strove to keep the level of discourse at the highest level, seeking the best outcomes for all students, and he inspired others to do the same.  


When he stood before the School Board at the March meeting and presented a letter written and signed by members of the community, a letter proposing a set of guiding principles to inform the school board zoning decision, he respectfully reminded the Board that we Americans have precedent for such letters and that our elected government officials derive their powers from the consent of the governed. He was both quoting and referring to the Declaration of Independence, that famous statement of principles signed by our Founding Fathers in 1776.


This spring and summer, Evan once again did not wait for the mantle of Town Council Member to start on his To-do list.  He rolled up his sleeves and let people know that funding for the interchange at Battlefield and Route 7 was at risk.  Joining together with other Leesburg residents, officials and Town Council candidates, he spoke in favor of the project at the Northern Virginia Transit Authority meeting this month.  Due, in part, to his efforts, the Interchange to relieve the biggest bottleneck in our area will be funded. The election is over three months away and he’s already making a difference for our Town.  He has earned my vote.  That’s the kind of candidate that Leesburg needs on the Council.


-Lisa Gillespie

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