Seven Great Reasons to Vote for Evan Macbeth in November

Evan Macbeth is running for Town Council in November. Here are seven reasons why he’s right for Leesburg:

1. Evan is a big fan of our bustling downtown. He eats at Georgetown Cafe, Windy City Red Hots and Tuskie’s, frequents McDowell’s and Crooked Run Brewing, has coffee at Shoes, and more coffee at King Street Coffee. Like many of us, he enjoys a leisurely walk to any of several excellent restaurants, music at Tally Ho, or the outdoor summer concerts at Town Hall. Evan values the personality of downtown Leesburg and wants it to be welcoming to pedestrians, visitors, and residents. He aims to support and promote growth in downtown businesses and preserve the unique character that makes Leesburg a magnet for great people.

2. Like any Leesburg resident who ever leaves the house, Evan has to drive on the Rt. 15/7 Bypass. He feels our pain at the bottleneck that is Battlefield and Route 15. He understands that folks need to cross at Fort Evans and Edwards Ferry to get to work every day. He knows that we need a better solution. Evan aims to work with the County and the State to invest in a better answer to this critical traffic and safety concern for our commuters in cars, on bicycles, and on foot.

3.  Evan has children in our local public schools. He is invested in the best outcomes for Leesburg’s kids. During the recent school boundary rezoning process for Central Loudoun (that’s us), he worked diligently and respectfully to preserve the diversity and organization that make our schools successful. He helped make sure that all voices in Town were heard and understood during the debate. As a Council Member, Evan will work closely with the County Supervisors and School Board to make sure that all of Leesburg’s kids can make the most of their educational opportunities.

4.  Evan Macbeth supports forward-thinking, sustainable development for our Town. Leesburg is experiencing tremendous growth. With so much new development on the horizon, we need long-term thinking with true cost-benefit analysis to understand the impacts of these decisions, their recurring costs, and benefits to our current and future residents.

5.  Evan wants to bring even more jobs to Leesburg. He will work to maintain and promote a robust local economy so that more people can enjoy shorter commutes. We are stronger as a community when our neighbors can live and work here.

6.  Evan is committed to a Town Council that partners effectively with other government bodies on decisions that impact Leesburg. Many of the decisions that affect our Town the most are made at the county and state level. The traffic issue on 15N (or the “hot mess", as many locals call it) cannot be solved without cooperation between the Town, the State, and the County.

7. Evan and his wife choose to raise their family in Leesburg because our Town is a diverse and supportive community that does its best for our kids. His family knows how important it is to support plans and programs that build strong connections between all community members.