Small Victories

Community is often built with a series of small victories.

August 8th was one of those small victories. Leesburg Elementary School hosted a Community Services Night organized by Community Advocates for Education (CAfE). CAfE is the group that grew out of the school rezoning fight this past spring, when the School Board proposed plans that would have ruined so many of our elementary school communities.

That fight made us realize just how many families in Leesburg could use a helping hand making sure their kids come to school excited and ready to learn. We knew there were tons of services available for these families, but it was possible, maybe even likely, that they didn't know about these programs. On August 8th, over 40 organizations, from non-profits to government services, set up tables to see if the Leesburg community would come out. And come out they did! Over 300 people came. Attendees participated in Zumba, rode the Leesburg Police barrel train, and even registered to vote on November 8th!

Perhaps most significantly, on August 8th, some people, with families to provide for, came to Community Services Night without a job, and left with a job. A half dozen employers also participated that evening, accepting job applications, and giving families a chance to stand on their own, here in Leesburg.

On the evening of August 8th, there were dozens, if not hundreds, of small victories for neighbors who might have needed them. Scores of families strengthened their ties to each other and to our Town. I was proud to be a part of it.

That is the spirit of the Leesburg I love. And that's why I'm running for Council.

For Leesburg,

Evan D. Macbeth

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