I met Evan shortly after moving to Leesburg. Our daughters were in the same dance class. He immediately inspired me to serve our community. I have most recently worked with Evan through the Community Advocates for Education where Evan has shown once again how adept he is in listening, organizing, and advocating. His experience and knowledge regarding how to get things done is greatly needed in our Town Council.

--Lydia Pellow, Leesburg Resident since 2009


Leesburg es una parte fundamental de mi vida y de la vida de mi familia y por eso quiero un representante que busca mejoras para todas las personas de nuestra ciudad. Conocí a Evan Macbeth primero como padre de familia promoviendo por el bienestar de sus hijos pero también por el bienestar de todos nuestros niños. Es un hombre cálido que sabe unir a la gente y valora las opiniones de otros. Firmemente creo que Evan apoyará el crecimiento de Leesburg pero siempre buscando equilibrio social y económico en nuestra comunidad mientras apoya un entorno estable y diverso.

--Nataly Estremera, Leesburg Resident since 2000


Leesburg is a fundamental part of my life and of my family’s life and that is why I want a representative who seeks improvements for every person in our town. I knew Evan Macbeth first as a family man, promoting the welfare of his children and of all the children in our town. He’s a warm man who knows how to unify people and values the opinions of others. I firmly believe Evan will support Leesburg’s growth while always looking for social and economic balance and supporting a diverse and stable community.

--Nataly Estremera, Leesburg Resident since 2000


Evan Macbeth is right for this town. A dedicated and passionate individual, Evan is one of those unique souls that can bring people together, from diverse backgrounds, to actively take part in improving their community. I've seen the man in action and it is quite impressive. From setting up community meetings for school rezoning plans to running a community HOA,  the man has one mission -- to improve the lives of those around him. Evan already fights relentlessly for our town, our schools, and all of our citizens and he's not even on the council yet! His energy should be put to use on Town Council where he can advocate for us and, most importantly, get things done. As a neighbor and friend, I wholeheartedly support Evan for Town Council.

--Tony Corona, Leesburg resident since 2012


In the five years I have known Evan Macbeth he has shown himself to be a dedicated father and husband as well as a passionate and committed member of our community. His relentless optimism and hard work demonstrate how community involvement can make our town better. While he intimately understands the needs of young families, he also engages with countless members of our community to better understand the diverse needs of our town. He will work tirelessly to meet Leesburg's current needs while keeping an eye on future development.

--Jennifer Williams, Leesburg resident since 2008


Creo en Evan Macbeth porque es un ciudadano común y corriente de esta comunidad. Es esposo, padre de familia y vecino capaz de pelear por los derechos e igualdad de cada habitante de Leesburg. Es capaz de entender, escuchar y dialogar con cada uno de los que conformamos esta comunidad en favor de todas las necesidades que puedan afectar la armonía de los vecindarios.

-- Paula Callaghan, residente de Leesburg desde 2009


I believe in Evan Macbeth because he is a regular citizen of this community. He is a husband, father, and neighbor who will fight for equality and the rights of every resident of Leesburg. He is able to understand, listen, and dialogue with each member of our community, looking out for the needs and harmony of all the neighborhoods.

--Paula Callaghan, Leesburg resident since 2009


Evan Macbeth has the infectious energy of someone consumed with potential. The potential for our community to be safer, for our standard of living to be more secure, for our children's education to regain the excellence that we used to be known for. Evan represents me and the Leesburg I value, as well as the potential of what it could be.

--Sam Carlson, Leesburg resident since 2010


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