Traffic in Leesburg

Traffic in Leesburg is always an issue. The Town, County, and State do their best to manage it. However, a growing, successful town like ours faces the challenges that come with so many people wanting to live and work here. There are three, inter-related traffic congestion points that the next Town Council will have to ensure are addressed during their term in office:

  1. Battlefield Parkway / Route 15N Bypass - Everyone in Leesburg knows not to drive North on the 15 Bypass after about 3pm on Friday, or 4pm on most weekdays. The backup caused by of the two-lane merge north of Town extends past the intersection with Battlefield Parkway. It makes it difficult for neighbors living in parts of Exeter, Potomac Crossing, and other neighborhoods in the northern part of Town to get home, or go out to run errands. There is also a safety concern, as a number of accidents have occurred because of this traffic snarl. This major problem isn't even on VDOT's public list of issues to study yet. It is critical that Leesburg's Council, in partnership with the Board of Supervisors and our representatives in Richmond, ensure that this is a priority for VDOT.
  2. Edwards Ferry and Fort Evans / Route 15 Bypass Interchange - The proposed interchange that will eliminate traffic lights at Fort Evan's Road and Edwards Ferry Road will also address the most dangerous pedestrian traffic issue in town. People routinely cross four to six lanes of this intersection to get to and from the stores on the east side of Town. A public information meeting was held on this project in March. The second hearing will be this summer. Those from Leesburg who can show up and be heard, should do their best to do so. Our voices can make a difference in ensuring that the money we need is made available from the state.
  3. Battlefield Parkway and Route 7 Interchange - The intersection at Battlefield Parkway and Route 7 (East Market Street) is the only one between Berryville and Sterling without a plan to eliminate the traffic light. The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority will hold a public meeting on June 9th and will be considering whether to fund planning for an interchange at this intersection. On June 9th I will join other local candidates and officeholders at the June 9th meeting of the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority to ask the NTVA directly to support funding for this important work. I hope you will be able to join us! Even if you cannot, you can email the NVTA to ask them to fund this project for Leesburg:

Our prosperity is tied to investment in our transportation infrastructure. All citizens, Council members, candidates, and otherwise, can help advocate for the money we need to continue Leesburg's progress.